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1 month ago
Neha Bansal
(verified owner)

Indeed utility basket. Too gud

2 months ago
Madhuri Alluri
(verified owner)

Nice product

4 months ago
(verified owner)

Easy to use and guilt free as youvare not adding to the plastic pile.

4 months ago
(verified owner)

Easy to hold and soft bristles....very happy to have moved to the Bamboo toothbrushes.

4 months ago
Sanjay Mishra
(verified owner)

Nice Design. Unique Product. Value for money.

5 months ago
Avinash Deshmukh

The cutting boards seem to light weight and good looking. Seem nice to use.

8 months ago
Shivani Rajeshree

very good experience

9 months ago
Jenny RAI

Organic Bamboo Cotton Buds

10 months ago
Jayashree Mohan

Love it

10 months ago

I came across this site by chance..and found the bamboo speaker interesting. All, that I can say, is that not just myself, everyone at my house is in awe of this all natural speaker. It does amplify the sound. Infact I was almost going to buy a Bluetooth speaker just to have louder sound output. This is something which is really doing its job well!



Hi! I am Shivam, the founder of the ShiBamboo Store, I am a 20-year-old guy, just trying to make an effort to reduce plastic pollution in this world.

The idea of this store came to me when I got to know about the potential of Bamboo in a conference during my summer internship. Bamboo is an ideal and cheap alternative for the harmful plastic and has so many uses that it can be easily used in our day to day lifestyles.

I started the ShiBamboo Store because I thought there was a lack of Bamboo items collected in a single place. I started this store with Rs 10000 I got from my internship and some other savings. I could have spent it wastefully on clothes or other accessories, but I wanted to make an impact. So I started with looking out for vendors who were selling Bamboo related products and contacted them about selling them on our store.

I, with this store, want to create a platform for the world to buy reusable Bamboo at the lowest possible price. This creates a win-win situation for both you and me as a customer who’s coming to this shop. The store aims to be a source where an initiative to protect the environment was taken. Your decision to make a simple lifestyle switch can go a long way in paving the way for a greener future.

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