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Bamboo Biodegradable Sanitary Pads


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Deal with your periods naturally and comfortably!

For the monthly recurring body changes, women need quick absorbing, leak-free and natural pads that make them comfortable and confident. BreakFree biodegradable sanitary pads are made of corn fibre and bamboo and hence, are naturally soft and chemical- and plastic-free. They give women the assurity of using what is safe for them and the environment. From the pad boxes to every layer in the pad to pad covers to disposal envelopes, every part of these pads are biodegradable.


  • Biodegradable sanitary pads with super soft and comfortable top sheet
  • These natural and skin-friendly pads are made using corn fiber and bamboo
  • Bamboo fiber is known to be super water absorbent, in fact 3 times more so than cotton
  • Corn and bamboo are pure plant fibers, hence, do not cause any allergy
  • Bamboo fiber contains the bamboo bin which has sterilization properties which kill bacteria
  • Referred to as the breathing fiber’, the breathing ability of bamboo fiber is the best of its kind
  • Slim, long and double-winged with wider back for a leak-free experience
  • Individually wrapped in separate disposable covers
  • Recyclable cardboard packing and biodegradable packaging
  • Contains no toxins, bleach, perfume, latex or plastics
  • 7 pads in one pack with 2 sizes: XL (290mm) and XXL (350 mm) pads

About the Brand: 

BreakFree team provides a natural way to deal with periods. They bring the best of nature to you. Made using bamboo and corn fiber, the biodegradable sanitary pads from BreakFree keep you and the environment free from chemicals and plastics.


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