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Bamboo Gift/Storage Box


Unique handcrafted box for gifting or storing items.

You can keep any type of goods like candies, makeup kits, rakhis, etc.

Very durable as made from 100% natural Bamboo.

Great for corporate gifts to or for decoration in celebrations.

Made in India by rural workers.


About The Brand 

M/S Raado and Company aims to manufacture different modalities of engineering used for domestic, industrial and other business and general purposes. We specialize in the manufacturing of Distribution Transformers, Transmission and Distribution line hardware, fabricated steel structures for all kinds of industrial, commercial and domestic purposes.

We at RAADO believe that “Tomorrow’s Technology Today’s Necessity”. The future is an exciting space filled with opportunities for RAADO. Our uncompromising stance on quality and strict adherence to ISO 9001: 2008 standards help us stand out. We foster a culture that foresees and responds pro-actively to challenges and delivers maximum quality products.


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