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Suckin Bamboo Toothbrush Standard- Family pack of 4


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Family Pack of 4 SuckIN Standard Tooth brush with soft- medium nylon bristles.

Handle is made with 100% pure bamboo which is carbonised to make it water resistant and prevent the growth of microbes (bacteria and mould) during normal use.

The toothbrush can be used safely for 3 months before disposal.

An eco-friendly, sustainable replacement to plastic toothbrushes.

About The Brand :

SuckIN Eco Straws was started in January 2018 by footwear designer turned environmentalist Rhea Chhabria and 3rd generation industrialist Suraj Nair.

While working with an imminent BMC corporator on encouraging a plastic free lifestyle, they were often asked about alternatives to plastic straws. Thats when Rhea realised that reusable straws could potentially be a great solution and she called up Suraj for his in-depth knowledge, experience and expertise in the steel and machinery industry. He jumped at the opportunity of doing his bit for the planet and future generations to come.

Together, they worked tirelessly on prototypes, testing, getting feedback at various restaurants and are now selling eco-friendly SuckIN straws to over 2000 individuals and 25 restaurants pan India.    

They aim to replace every plastic straw with an eco-friendly one so as to have a cleaner and greener planet.”​


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