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Colour Seed Pencils (Pack of 10)


Bring back the zest of childhood with colours, but colour more than just frames”

Plant the seed at the end of the pencil and colour the world green. Nurture it, let it bear flowers and fruits, and it will add as many colours to nature as there are in this set of box.

If you are buying this for a child, you are sparking not only their imagination to colour a beautiful earth, but giving them the seeds (literally) to let their drawings come Alive!


  • 2B and smooth to colour
  • Made of waste paper

Includes: A set of 10 colour paper pencils with SEEDS

About The Brand

The Mantra

“Making Sustainability Accessible, Available and Affordable”

Inspiration and Philosophy

“Back To Roots” has its heart and soul rooted in the idea of saving our planet. As an organization, our constant efforts are guided by the philosophy of being socially and environmentally responsible. While we embark on our journey, we aim at helping as many as we can to make better choices and sustainable living that helps in conserving our environment.


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