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Cotton Face Masks (Pack of Assorted 3)


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The pandemic is threatening human lives; its aftermath will threaten the very Earth.

The Covid-19 pandemic has aggravated the torment of plastic pollution over the whole planet (including the depths of the Mediterranean Sea).

One of the essentials to prevent Covid19 – the Face Mask, unfortunately, contains plastic (typically polypropylene). Our facemasks, however, are made of cotton with three layers of protection, which will keep you safe without harming the Earth.

Recommendation: Eliminate all possibilities of spreading the virus by lathering your used cotton mask in soap – Bring better hygiene for people that surround you and for the world that is around you…!

Product Details:

  • Made out of cotton
  • Three Layers of protection
  • Made by Self Help Group (SHGs) Workers
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“Making Sustainability Accessible, Available and Affordable”

Inspiration and Philosophy

“Back To Roots” has its heart and soul rooted in the idea of saving our planet. As an organization, our constant efforts are guided by the philosophy of being socially and environmentally responsible. While we embark on our journey, we aim at helping as many as we can to make better choices and sustainable living that helps in conserving our environment.


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