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Eboo – Natural Bamboo Speaker Amplifier

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Nature surprises you everyday,
who knows a bamboo can amplify the sound with bass. Introducing handcrafted Eboo bamboo speaker amplifier, a natural wonder and an ecofriendly and sustainable product. It not only amplifies the sound from your mobile it also acts as docking station for your phone and you don’t forget your phone anymore.

Handcrafted bamboo speaker increases volume by 2 points with no external batteries and cables but naturally.

A bamboo at your desk says good luck.

And a beautiful single piece of bamboo gives you relaxed style at your bed side table.

Eboo is perfect 100 percent eco-friendly, sustainable product give you perfect music experience with no external source of power, hassle free with cables with perfect beat and bass.

Lets admire the beauty of nature

Every Eboo is handmade and had it’s own signature style with it’s marking and style with natural burn finish.

Eboo – natural bamboo speaker amplifier is a perfect eco-friendly gifting option and also a perfect corporate gifting option.

Enjoy handsfree calls, Skype calls by just docking your phone in this beautiful Eboo.

This is a perfect example of passive amplification designed by nature.

  • Electricity Free
  • Ideal partner for travelling
  • It enables you to share your music through passive sound amplification. Its bring a relaxed style to any area.
  • Eco-friendly and 100% sustainable bamboo Amplifier
  • Great for hands-free calls.
  • Gives your phone a natural companion

About The Brand:

SaveGlobe is founded and headed by Mr.PVS Suhasan Reddy, and he is been on his‘say no to plastic’ mission since 2011 to raise awareness against plastic pollution and enrich the sustainability of our planet in a holistic approach, leading to the birth of SAVE GLOBE, a brand executed to bring awareness against the usage of plastic by manufacturing eco-friendly, biodegradable and sustainable products which don’t harm the planet.

SaveGlobe products are curated with the concept of going back to the roots, with the raw materials being the byproducts of a resource, using ancient techniques of sustainable living to make green, eco-friendly products. .

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  1. Navjeevan Singh (verified owner)

    Very innovative and effective. Oodles of style, and functionality to boot.

  2. Neelima

    I came across this site by chance..and found the bamboo speaker interesting. All, that I can say, is that not just myself, everyone at my house is in awe of this all natural speaker. It does amplify the sound. Infact I was almost going to buy a Bluetooth speaker just to have louder sound output. This is something which is really doing its job well!

  3. Priya

    Must have for all music lovers. One of the best products I’ve ever bought. The sound quality is fantastic.. Much better than all the commercialized home theatre and speakers. Looks aesthetic and rustic. Can be used anywhere… No need of electricity or battery. Compact and stunning. Highly recommended😊

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