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Neem Comb

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We give Earth poison and death; she gives us medicine and health…! 

The Neem has been a great gift of care from Mother Earth. The Neem bark extracts exhibit anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties.

And a comb made out of such a medicinal bark will carry these benefits BACK to ROOTS…of your hair 

Chose a medicinal comb-over plastic:

  • Made of 100% herbal neem wood
  • Bid permanent farewell to static damage for your hair
  • Bring back the luster & the benefits of scalp’s natural oils
  • Itch no more of allergies and dandruff
  • Trigger those acupuncture points for a happier body, mind, and hair!

Dimensions: Neem wood comb: 19 cm x 5 cm

About The Brand

The Mantra

“Making Sustainability Accessible, Available and Affordable”

Inspiration and Philosophy

“Back To Roots” has its heart and soul rooted in the idea of saving our planet. As an organization, our constant efforts are guided by the philosophy of being socially and environmentally responsible. While we embark on our journey, we aim at helping as many as we can to make better choices and sustainable living that helps in conserving our environment.

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  1. Manika Saxena (verified owner)

    Great quality wood. Love the design. I’m not sure if it’s the comb or some other reason but my hair breakage has reduced noticeably.
    Although I’m having a hard time cleaning the combs.

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