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News Paper Pencils (Pack of 10)


Did you know that together, three to five students kill a coniferous tree by the time they graduate? …And millions graduate each year…!

Educated on one end, and barbaric (to trees) on the other – It doesn’t have to this way! Become a saviour by shifting to Newspaper pencils that are – ‘tree-free’, ‘plastic-free’, ‘chemical-free’ and made out of (as the name suggests) 100% used & recycled newspapers. Reduce Deforestation! Manage Waste! Recycle! – All of this with just one conscious purchase!Properties:

  • 2B and smooth to write
  • Made of waste paper

Includes: A set of 10 paper pencils

About The Brand

The Mantra

“Making Sustainability Accessible, Available and Affordable”

Inspiration and Philosophy

“Back To Roots” has its heart and soul rooted in the idea of saving our planet. As an organization, our constant efforts are guided by the philosophy of being socially and environmentally responsible. While we embark on our journey, we aim at helping as many as we can to make better choices and sustainable living that helps in conserving our environment.


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