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Terrabrush Adult Bamboo Toothbrush Pack Of 4 White |Soft|

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Why This Brush?

  • You will find it easier to clean your teeth with our superior bristles & comfortable design.
  • A Pack of 4 will last one person a full year and you can also buy for each person in your household.
  • Waterproof | Durable | Splinter free | BPA free Soft bristles
  • Perfect add on to your Eco-Friendly kit | Handle and Package are 100% biodegradable.
  • Terrabrush gives you a blissful experience whenever you hold it and use it to rejoice your mouth.

Why not Plastic Brushes?

Think about the number of plastic toothbrushes you have used in your life? You might not be knowing it, but the ocean remembers. All the plastic toothbrushes you have ever used in your life are there on this planet till this date. Since they are not biodegradable they are dumped into oceans or lies into landfills for thousand of years. .By switching to Bamboo toothbrushes you are saving millions of toothbrushes that will enter the ocean and landfills as Bamboo Toothbrushes are perfectly Biodegradable.

About Terrabrush

Terra™ was found in the year 2018 under the guidance of dentists. We realised that plastics are the major threat to humanity as of now and toothbrushes form a large part of it.

We are on a journey towards a sustainable tomorrow beginning from the first activity of your day.

By now you could have thought “What difference is one brush going to make ?”

This is what we stand for, one brush goes a long way and there are 7 billion people on the earth. We are sure that your current switch towards a better alternative will only reach numbers and more and more people will join us in our effort to reduce use of plastics in oral care.

Is it possible to stop using plastic?

Yes, it is. Join us.

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  1. Navjeevan Singh (verified owner)

    The bamboo handle is very comfortable to grip, and the bristles are soft enough not to hurt the gums.

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